150 Longwater Drive

Norwell, MA

Project Overview

150 Longwater Drive, LLC retained MEG to prepare civil/site design documents to facilitate the permitting and construction for the development of this approximate 2 acre site located at 150 Longwater Drive in Norwell, Massachusetts.   The project  consisted of the an approximate 15,000 square ft. 2-story office building, surface parking and landscaping areas, utility connections and stormwater management systems.   MEG was responsible for all phases of the project, from initial feasibility studies to final construction documents. MEG designed a stormwater treatment stream including an elaborate system of subsurface stormwater infiltration chambers to renovate and attentuate stormwater runoff emanating from impervious surfaces.   The project also required a special permit and site plan approval by the Norwell Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals and compliance with the DEP Stormwater Management Regulations and local requirements.  MEG also provided construction administration services for the project.