Town of Swampscott Drainage Study

Swampscott, MA

Project Overview

The project included the delineation and analysis of a 250 acre watershed tributary to Tedesco Pond in Swampscott, located on Tedesco Country Club property. The pond is part of the stormwater drainage system for much of the central and northern sections of Swampscott as well as the portion of southern Salem near Loring Tower. It is the last open water body until stormwater discharges to the Atlantic Ocean, thus, it is a critical part of flood prevention for the Town, especially during storm surges. MEG, along with Rimmer Environmental Consulting, provided recommendations for proper maintenance of the pond to ensure that adequate storage volume is available for stormwater attenuation and flood prevention. MEG also recommended several stormwater runoff pretreatment alternatives to prevent sediment accumulation, thereby decreasing the frequency of maintenance required for the pond.