Weston High School Athletic Fields

Weston, MA

Project Overview

In an effort to improve the quality of the lacrosse and soccer field at the High School, the Weston Public Schools in conjunction with a non-profit organization, the Weston Boosters, Inc., retained McKenzie Engineering Group, Inc. (MEG) and Larson Associates, Inc. to design the replacement of the existing natural turf field at the High School with a synthetic turf field. MEG was responsible for the engineering aspects of the design, including civil site design and drainage. The synthetic turf field is a combination of slit film polyethylene fibers filled with a combination of sand and rubber infill. Rainfall is removed from the field by draining through a perforated backing that holds the slit film polyethylene fibers. Runoff is then collected in a stone base and routed through perforated collection pipes to an extensive subsurface infiltration facility located under the field. The project included the design of an elaborate stormwater management system to comply with the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Stormwater Management Policy to renovate the runoff and to mitigate peak rates of runoff for all storm events up to the 100-year event to ensure that post-development rates and volumes were less than those in the pre-development design condition.