Woodland Village

Hanover, MA

Project Overview

The project proponent, Woodland Development, proposes the redevelopment of approximately 79 acres with frontage on Pilgrim Highway Southbound (Route 3), Washington Street (Route 53), Blue Spruce Lane, Spruce Way, Berry Street and Woodland Drive in Hanover, Massachusetts.  The property is proposed to be subdivided into two parcels.  The proposed residential development will consist of 252 non-age restricted apartments comprised of six (6) three story buildings. The development will be permitted under MGL Ch. 40B Comprehensive Permit therefore 25% of the units will be designated as affordable.   The other parcel will be reserved for future retail/commercial development.  The proposed residential development will include the construction of bituminous concrete access driveways, utilities, stormwater management systems and associated infrastructure.  The project will access utility infrastructure located on Woodland Drive and Blue Spruce Lane.  A wastewater collection system will be constructed to convey sewage flows to an on-site wastewater treatment plant and soil absorption system that will be designed and permitted under the DEP Groundwater Discharge Permit Program.   The stormwater management system will be designed to fully comply with all standards of the Department of Environment Protection’s Stormwater Management regulations.  The project will also require an Order of Conditions from the Conservation Commission.