Woodmere at Brush Hill

Milton, MA

Project Overview

Northland Residential Corporation (NRC) retained MEG to coordinate the design and permitting of this multi-family residential development located on approximately 8.5 acres of land at 865 Brush Hill Road in Milton, Massachusetts.  The project was permitted as a Planned Unit Townhouse Development (PUTD) under the Town of Miton Zoning By-law and consists of thirty-six (36) residential units comprised of thirty-four (34) townhouse units and two (2) mansion units.  The development will involve the construction of fourteen (14) residential buildings, the renovation of the “Dupee House”, an existing 2 1/2 story historic mansion-style building, approximately 1,500 linear feet of bituminous roadway, landscaping, stormwater management facilities, utility systems and associated infrastructure.    The stormwater management system incorporates natural depression areas and infiltration systems to attenuate peak flows generated by all storm events to ensure that post-development peak flows are less than pre-development flows and allow for recharge to groundwater.  These “low impact” stormwater management techniques will reduce the site’s dependence on traditional closed drainage and proprietary subsurface stormwater systems.  The natural depression areas and infiltration basin will utilize vegetation, enhanced soil media and other “natural” site features to renovate and mitigate stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces.  MEG is currently providing construction administration services for the project to ensure that the final product is consistent with permit approvals and the value engineered design.